Trump’s Social Media Ban is a Necessary Caution

Cassi Reaka, Editor-in-Chief

President Donald Trump has crossed the line on Twitter and other social media platforms many times during his time in office, but he finally pushed too far. 

Twitter revoked his account for breaking the Glorification of Violence Policy after encouraging his supporters during the Capital riots. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Reddit and Twitch also banned Trump according to the Washington Post.

Many of his supporters argue that this is taking away his right to free speech.

While it is true that the government cannot suppress someone’s right to free speech, these companies are privately ownedand fully within their rights to ban him. 

His supporters are crying injustice, saying he’s been violated, but Twitter made the right decision. His supporters, partially made up of conspiracy theorists, interpret almost any tweet of his as a call to action.

There’s no doubt that many of his supporters are dangerous, and Trump has yet to blatantly condemn those groups, specifically those involved in the Capital riot. He instead encouraged them through his social media posts, along with many of his political allies.

His followers are so invested in his power that they are willing to do practically anything. After everything he’s done, those who still support him are extremists and a danger to society.

By taking Twitter and other platforms away, his opportunities for unmediated communication with his supporters significantly decreased. However, Trump still has countless ways to communicate with the American People.

It’s not like he has no way to talk to the public. Trump is not helpless. As the president, he has the ability to speak publicly at almost any time through rallies, press conferences or public broadcasts, and people will stop to listen, even if what he’s saying puts society in danger.