Trump Mocks Wounded, Deceased Service Members

Cassi Reaka, Editor-in-Chief

Donald Trump has said hundreds of horrific things during his time as president, all of which should make his chances for re-election slim to none.


 It took him calling injured and dead servicemen and women “losers” and “suckers” for some of his followers to realize that he’s maybe not fit for the presidency.


In an article in The Atlantic published Sept. 3, it was revealed by anonymous sources that Trump had said a cemetery for America’s dead during World War I was “filled with losers” and called marines who had lost their lives fighting for the United States “suckers.”


The allegations were confirmed by many news stations, including Fox News. 


The article, written by Jeffery Goldberg, was filled with instances of Trump disrespecting the military. When John McCain, a senator who was captured during the Vietnam War and spent five years as a prisoner of North Vietnam, died, Trump said, “We’re not going to support that loser’s funeral.”


According to the article, Trump became furious when he saw flags lowered to half-staff and told aides, “What the f*** are we doing that for? Guy was a f****** loser.”


While these comments are nothing short of disgusting, would we expect anything less of the current president? This is the same man who caught on video saying he could “grab women by the p****,” made friends with Kim Jong-un, locked children in cages at the border, sent the military to clear protesters so he could have a photo-shoot and was literally impeached. Yet some people are shocked he would say something so horrible about the military.


I’m glad that these comments have finally made some of his supporters step back and realize that the guy has some major flaws, but I’m disappointed it has taken him calling dead people “losers” for them to notice it.


Even after this story broke and was confirmed, BBC polls show him with 43 percent of voters supporting him.. Forty-three is too high a percentage for such a selfish and hateful man. 


Even if you don’t like everything Biden stands for, this election should not be about Democrat vs. Republican. It should be about human decency vs. Donald Trump.