House Republicans Flounder Amidst Trump Impeachment

Ryan Stewart, Co-Editor In Chief

It’s been three months since the Trump impeachment inquiry began, and oh boy has it been a roller coaster, if the roller coaster was on fire and the media was on fire and oops everything is on fire.

Don’t get it twisted, Donald Trump should be impeached for his gross mishandling of his office, abuse of his power and endangerment of the United States as a whole. However, this impeachment process has been one the most knuckle-dragging, exhausting debacles since Watergate, the scandal we now name all scandals after apparently.

The Congressional Democrats were of course going to be leading the charge in impeachment, however a group that has shocked me with their waffling indecisiveness have been the congressional, and more specifically house, Republicans.

In a report published on December 1 they rejected the Democrats’ allegations of presidential abuse. These are the same Republicans who have gone back and forth about whether or not to support the president, however as a party they’ve decided to put that party before policy.

Even Senator Lindsay Graham, a staunch Republican with a life-long dedication to his party has come out against the president. So the real question is simple.

Why is anyone still making accuses for and protecting Donald Trump?

The aforementioned reasons of party fall apart when you take into consideration the damage Trump has done to that party with his awful policy decisions and horrendous decision making.

If we ever want to come together as a bi-partisan nation and get down to work, like so many generations of politicians have campaigned on, an impeachment inquiry is the only way to truly discover whether there has been any actual wrong done by the Trump presidency.

I guess gross incompetence doesn’t count for much when it comes to politics.