We Need to Cool it with all the Snow Days

Sydney Hershberger, Staff Writer

Recently EHS has faced a lot of upsets regarding snow days. Let’s face it, we’re all tired teenagers, and an unexpected day off is nice every once in a while. What isn’t nice however is a day working when it had been essentially guaranteed that we wouldn’t.

There seems to be somewhat of an inconsistency when it comes to announcing snow days. Days with little ice and normal winter weather end up being called off unexpectedly, while days with a good amount of snow and ice are ignored.

It’s almost as if there is no status quo at all.

Now, I believe that none of the days should have been called off. None of them were honestly that bad.

But it’s also worth mentioning that it has effectively always been like this in District 7. Even at the littlest mention on ice, everyone starts a mass panic and essentially force the district to call off school before the storm has even started.

It’s even worse when this happens and the storm never comes.

The district is simply too frugal when it comes to snow days and it’s taught us that we don’t even need bad weather to get a day off. We just need to cry “ice wolf”.

It makes sense that when this finally stops working we are disappointed.

Honestly, as disappointed as I was the Friday that school wasn’t cancelled, it made sense.

I drove to school without a single problem, and I live in a rural part of down. Sure there was ice the night before, but by morning it was completely gone. If we were going by ourselves and not having the context of the district always giving out snow days, I think we all would know that we didn’t need that snow day.

At this point, we’re out of extra days to extend the school year.

I think the only way we can expect a snow day for the rest of the year is if we get a blizzard, and considering the forecast for this weekend says 50 or higher, I think we can kiss that goodbye.

In reality, the school board was over zealous at the beginning of winter, and they know that now.

How they will handle snow days in the future is probably going to be a lot different. Factors like timing and how many have already been declared are going to be a lot more important. It seems like nothing is finite, no matter how much the senior group chat may say it is.

In the end, we are just tired teenagers, desperate for a day off.