Bloomberg May Have the Best Gun Policies

Jack Pifer, Views Editor

As I have written in the past, a red-flag gun policy is the closest thing to a ‘best of both worlds’ answer to the still ongoing gun debate. Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s support of red-flag policies caught my eye.

In Illinois, the Red Flag law allows for family members, dating partners, or someone who lives with an individual to file a petition to temporarily restrict the individual from owning or buying firearms if a judge considers them an “immediate and present danger” to themselves or others.

Bloomberg has chosen to register as a Democrat despite having run as a republican as well as an independent in the past.

Most of the democratic candidates support a red-flag law, however. Bloomberg starts to differ from other candidates when it comes to an assault weapons buyback. While some candidates support a mandatory buyback, Bloomberg told PBS that he believes a mandatory system is “impractical.”

Overall it is not one aspect, but rather a combination of opinions and actions, that gives him such strong gun policies.

There are a few other supported policies that draw my favor towards Bloomberg. The New York Times reported Bloomberg is in favor of an assault weapons ban, universal background checks and an in-depth federal licensing policy for all gun owners.

Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, has an excellent track record in regards to gun control. While he was mayor, Bloomberg told Newsweek that his aggressive gun control policies reduced the murder rate by 40%.

In addition to proof of Bloomberg’s success in the past, he has spent millions in support of gun control and in 2014 started ‘Everytown for Gun Safety’ an organization founded to help promote gun reform to which he pledged $50 million according to CNBC.

It is easy to see why Bloomberg’s policies come out on top. Common sense reveals that the enactment of the policies he supports could make America a safer place.