Trump Fails to Think Before Endangering America

Taylor Meek, A&E Editor

Who has an orange tan, a big mouth and has just confirmed that the United States has nuclear weapons in Turkey? You guessed it: good old President Trump.

Trump has been taking his presidential powers too far ever since he waltzed into the Oval Office, and exposing the location of nuclear weapons is only his recent endeavor.

After his order to withdraw American troops, Turkey retaliated by invading northern Syria, which U.S. was initially trying to prevent from happening.

Are we really surprised that Trump has another nation fuming?

When Trump was asked on Oct. 16, if weapons kept in Turkey were still secure, he explained his confidence in the U.S.’s “great” and “very powerful airbase.”

Trump rarely keeps his thoughts in the shadows and what are we going to tell the President?

“Stop doing that?”

Backlash after similar behavior seemed to not have any effect on him whatsoever.

Let me refresh your mind. In May 2017, he disclosed classified information with Russian officials, according to the Washington Post.

Remember that? Well, you might also recall a certain conversation Trump had with a foreign president.

He reportedly spoke with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte  in April 2017 about the U.S. having nuclear submarines off of the coast of the Korean Peninsula, the New York Times reported.

Let’s also not forget his infamous tweets where he not only enjoys arguing with other political figures and celebrities, but where he also has displayed an image of classified materials kept in Iran.

Throughout his term, Trump has instilled a feeling more like fear rather than greatness.

If Trump’s reign has taught us anything, it’s that Congress needs to limit the voice of the President so he won’t be permitted to share sensitive information especially if it has the potential to cause disastrous consequences.

President Trump is a young child who cannot resist pressing the big red button that reads ‘Do not push,’ and instead of learning from his mistakes like a good boy, he decides to press it again…and again, and again.