Trump Impeachment Probe Shows No Progress

Katelyn Harris, Staff Writer

Ever since President Trump announced he was running, controversy has surrounded him.

The House has now passed a bill to approve an impeachment investigation on Trump.

According to ABC News, Democratic Chairman Jerry Nadler said, “The Committee is engaged in an investigation that will allow us to determine whether to recommend articles of impeachment with respect to President Trump.”

Haven’t there been several investigations done already? The answer is yes.

How much more will the Democrats try to do? The Mueller Report  showed that there was no proof of Trump’s collusion with Russia.

The Wall Street Journal said, “The Democratic-led panel is focusing on at least five episodes detailed in the Mueller report…”

The report was 448 pages long and they didn’t find anything, yet the Democrats still won’t give it up.

According to Fox News, Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said at the impeachment probe hearing, “I have nothing to hide because we never committed any crimes on the campaign. We never colluded with anyone, which is exactly what the Mueller report says, so I was happy to go.”

Trump is also being accused of using presidency for his own personal gain. Trump hasn’t accepted any pay as president, so I’m not sure what he’s gaining besides supporters and haters.

The Atlantic said, “Congress has prompted some impeachment supporters to argue that there are juicier targets for the Judiciary Committee, namely Trump’s alleged efforts to personally profit from the presidency and his potential violation of the Constitution’s emoluments clause — the prohibition on federal officials receiving gifts or payments from foreign governments.”

It seems that even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is hesitant to try to impeach Trump.

According to CNN, “Pelosi once again declined to say the committee was conducting an impeachment investigation, which happened minutes after the committee adopted its resolution stating that’s what it was in fact doing.”

Good luck on finding something, Nadler. It’s not going to happen.