Don’t Bank on Kamala

Ryan Stewart, Staff Writer

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Come election time, the number of democratic candidates is always higher than the number of people coming in and out of this White House.


The first caucuses are not until February, but that hasn’t stopped a crowd of Democrats from beginning their campaigns amongst the calls from dozens of others.


However, there are only a few candidates who won’t die off in the wake of the true race’s beginning. Those candidates are Bernie Sanders; democratic socialist and Trump-antithesis,  and Kamala Harris; former California Attorney General and first-term senator.


Sanders ran for Senate in Vermont as an independent and won in the past — no small feat. His run for 2016 was unsuccessful, but he followed closer behind Hillary Clinton than was previously thought possible.


Harris has avoided the traditional route for announcing her candidacy of launching an exploratory committee. She is more focused on


Sanders’ campaign launch was more successful than his previous attempt, and according to his campaign, he has raised over $6 million in just 24 hours of announcing his candidacy.


Harris’ launch on the other hand, was probably the most successful of any Democrat so far. Her speech was rousing, and her immediate support was the higher than her rivals. The amount she raised was however, paltry compared to what Sanders raised.


The first person to propose such liberal ideas and popularize them with success was Sanders. Sanders was the first to propose ideas of democratic socialism on a large scale, and be supported by much of the American public. If anyone vying for the Democratic nomination can win the presidency, it’s him.


Harris’ policies are similar to Sander’s. Just like O’ Rourke, Booker and Gillibrand, Harris is a part of the group of dems that are Sanders-inspired, and a vote for any of them might as well be a vote for Bernie. It will do more good in the long run.

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Don’t Bank on Kamala