Travis Scott Should Perform at Super Bowl Despite Backlash

Sam Lance, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Travis Scott, one of the hottest rappers of 2018, landed himself a gig on the biggest stage: the super bowl halftime show.

But now leaders of the Kaepernick movement and Black Lives Matter are displeased with his decision because of a cultural boycott of the NFL.

“I’m team Kaepernick all day,” celebrity Nick Cannon said to complex magazine. “It’s cultural equity at the end of the day.”

But why is everyone so outraged?

Travis reached a deal with the NFL to donate $500,000 to Dream Corps, a social justice organization.

“I back anyone who takes a stand for what they believe in,” Scott said in a statement. “I know being an artist that it’s in my power to inspire. So before confirming the Super Bowl Halftime performance, I made sure to partner with the NFL on this important donation. I am proud to support Dream Corps and the work they do that will hopefully inspire and promote change.”

Travis is promoting the Kaepernick movement with his generous donation, and celebrities have no reason to be upset with him. He’s helping an organization that aids in what they believe in.

Rappers Meek Mill and Jay-Z were the main musicians outspoken about his performance. Meek Mill quoted the Tweet that announced Travis’ performance and said “For what???”

Jay-Z even tried to talk the “Sicko Mode” rapper out of performing at the halftime show, according to Variety.

An official comment was never made by Jay-Z’s camp.

Still, this is a huge opportunity for Travis Scott, and people shouldn’t be upset with him taking it.

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