Figurehead Fixation: America’s Obsessed with the Royal Family and It’s Pointless

Anna Kutz, Life Editor

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After both a literal and tariff war, you’d think the American people would resent the British monarchy.

More than 200 years later, however, the anger seems to have diminished — replaced by an inexplicable fondness.

Here we are, buying commemorative plates, gushing over Kate Middleton’s outfits and theorizing what the newborn prince will be called.

(I can’t judge, I do the same — my bet’s on Albert.)

But there’s one question that’s always bugged me, even when I notice myself partaking in the fanfare of it all: why do we love the royal family so much?

There’s no reason for it, no logical explanation. While I appreciate the sparkly distraction and dream of reaching that level of regality, it’s useless to spend time thinking about them.

We left the British Empire back when it was still an empire, for the very reason that we wanted a country that would be able to vote for its leaders.

Yet here we sit, biting our nails, anxiously awaiting updates. I understand the fascination, really, but we need to take a step back.

Think about our own president and first lady, about the scandal surrounding the entire White House at the present.

Look closely at the issues that affect fellow Americans, even if they’re not as appealing as elegant waves and dazzling crowns.

All in all, snap out of it — the family we idolize has been disconnected from our continent for hundreds of years, and the current situation in U.S. leadership should take precedence, no matter how cute that chubby little prince is.

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Figurehead Fixation: America’s Obsessed with the Royal Family and It’s Pointless