‘Promposals,’ How Much is Too Much?

Allison Stopka, Staff Writer

Spring has sprung, and the excitement of school coming to an end doubles for upperclassmen that are going to prom. The countdown for prom has started here at EHS, and with the big night less than a month away, promposals are becoming more and more common in our hallways.

If you scroll down Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other form of social media on any given day in spring, you will see dozens of pictures and videos of boys asking girls to prom in ultra-extravagant ways. Getting asked to prom is an exciting moment for anybody, but how much is too much?

Working up the nerve to ask somebody to prom can take a lot of time and courage, even without the pressure to be extremely creative and original. As if the anxiety of finding a prom date isn’t hard enough, there is extra stress on the suitors to be imaginative now.

Don’t get me wrong; I love a cute invitation to prom just as much as the next high school girl. However, I do think that less is more in some cases here.

For example, it’s not really necessary to buy a puppy to say “Prom would be RUFF without you.” I also don’t think asking in front of the entire school is necessary. Dropping to one knee to “prompose” can make for awkward glances from others and confusion from your date. I once saw a boy that got a tattoo to ask his girlfriend to prom. Seems like a painful mistake that will only hurt more when they break up.

I can appreciate a nice, cute and thoughtful, but SMALL gesture to ask your potential date to prom. I don’t want to simply be asked over text, but if you stand on a table and ask me over the PA at lunch, things are going to be a little bit awkward for me.

It is like a game of Goldilocks, not too big, not too small, but just right. There are many reasons to keep your cool and ask your potential date to prom in simple ways.

Prom is extremely expensive anyways, so why spend a huge amount of money on asking somebody to go? According to the ABC News website, the average cost of going to prom for one person in 2013 was $1,139, and as we all know, prices can only go up from there. I always feel a little bad because my date has to spend so much money, and if I got asked to prom in such an extravagant and expensive way, I would only feel guiltier.

Asking somebody in a public way can put pressure on them to say yes, just because they feel like they have to. Prom would be extremely awkward to go with a person that only said yes because they were afraid to embarrass you in public. Then what happens if they do say no in front of a huge audience? I don’t even want to think about the backlash from the denial.

I think asking somebody to prom has the potential to be a sweet gesture and a fun experience. I was asked my sophomore year with a handmade book that my date left in my locker. Junior year I came home to “PROM” spelled out with Hershey kisses and roses. Both of these were just the right amount of thoughtfulness and made me that much more excited for prom.

I really do love to be asked to prom in a unique way, and I’m not knocking anybody for being “too excited” to ask their date. I just don’t think that being so extravagant is a good thing in this case.