Don’t Be Lame on Spirit Days

Allison Stopka, Staff Writer

Edwardsville High School is known for the high level of spirit that our student section brings to games and pep rallies. With orange outs, white outs, and black outs being the most common types of spirit dress, it can be hard to be creative with outfit choices on these days. While it seems easiest to throw on an Orange Rush t shirt and call it a day, finding inspiration for a cute and fun spirit day outfit can be simple and easy, here are a few options:

Flannels: Whether an orange out, white out or black out, this simple accessory can add layers and levels to your outfit. Tie it around your waist with a long or short sleeved shirt or tank top for a game day outfit that is effortless. Wear your favorite flannel unbuttoned over a tank or t-shirt for a fun and chilly football game or for any other sporting event. Rock an orange and black flannel underneath a sweater for a more cute and preppy look. Add some skinny jeans to any of these options and you’ll be set and ready to cheer on your team.

Vests:  Vests can add another layer of sophistication to your spirit. Dress down a North Face or Patagonia vest with an EHS sweatshirt or a long sleeved shirt and leggings. Wear your flannel again with a quilted vest and tall boots for a more polished look. Add accessories to both of these looks and head out to the game.

Etsy: Take to Etsy or Marley Lilly and order some cute monogrammed EHS things. Whether it be a baseball cap, a half zip sweatshirt, a spirit jersey or any other accessory, embroidering an EHS monogram onto any piece of clothing is a great way to make your outfit unique.

Accessories: If all else fails, a solid t shirt and jeans can work if you add a little something extra. My favorite EHS accessory is a pair of tiger striped ears. I wear them to almost every game; they’re super easy to find and under $5. More accessories can be bows, bandanas, sunglasses and jewelry.

There are many ways to spice up your spirit life. Because EHS is so well known for our spirit, it is hard sometimes to stand out from the crowd of orange, black and white t shirts. On the next spirit day add something new to your outfit.