Laptops: a Blessing and a Curse

Abbie Hensley , Staff Writer

What might be a blessing for some is a curse for others.

In AP Human Geography students receive a laptop from the school to use throughout the course. The laptop features many programs necessary to the course, including Google Earth.

While I carry my laptop in an over-the-shoulder bag from class to class, other students utilize the option to have them remain in the classroom during the day and overnight.

I love having a laptop with me around the clock. It isn’t applicable in AP Human Geography alone, especially the Word program, which I use in every class from time to time.

Having a bigger version of my smartphone with me at all times is extremely helpful, but with bigger also comes heavier.

Lugging an extra bag on top of my backpack filled with books isn’t always easy. I now know how athletes feel carrying bags of cleats, bats and balls.

A crowded hallway and a heavy load is not a fun combination.

However, a little extra bumping and jostling is more than worth all the benefits of having a laptop tapping against my hip with every step.

Homework is done more quickly and efficiently, plus it’s a completely new type of learning, minus a pencil and paper.

New school, some might say.

Plus, how can one complain when a laptop is handed to them, free of charge, and completely at their disposal?

The pros much more heavily outweigh the cons for me, and if they don’t for you, then find a silver lining. At least that means less annoying hand cramping, right?