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StuCo Announces Homecoming Theme

Colleen Moore
The bulletin board in the main staircase is decorated to match the “Let’s Groove Tonight” theme.

Groovy music played through the intercom last Friday as the members of student council announced this year’s Homecoming theme: “Let’s Groove Tonight.”

Toward the end of last school year, the members of student council brainstormed theme ideas, presented them, and voted to narrow them down. Eventually, they all agreed on the vibrant disco theme.

“Nothing even came close,” Student Council advisor Jamie Kupferer said. “It was fairly unanimous.”

The members of student council felt that a disco theme carried out the vibe that they wanted to create for Homecoming.

“The idea was to have a night to remember centered on having fun and being young,” Junior student Council officer Josie Rutledge said. “We wanted something that was a classic theme that made people feel like Homecoming was really a party.”

Many students were excited to hear about this fun-centered theme.

“The disco theme was definitely a surprise to me, but I’m excited to see what kind of outfits everyone puts together,” senior Ave Beatty said. “I think this year’s theme gives everyone a chance to be more creative with their outfits.”

Some also felt that the theme tied together well with current fashion trends.

“I think the theme has a lot of potential and that it reflects how fashion has started to reincorporate elements like flared pants, crop tops, and vibrant patterns from that era,” senior Madeline Loyd said.

Others weren’t quite sold.

“70’s disco fashion is a bit loud,” Kate Huang said. “I think it is too outdated… it also makes shopping to dress on theme pretty difficult.”

Some felt that it was too similar to last year’s “Roaring ‘20’s” theme.

“I feel like last year was a decade theme and this year it’s the same thing but just a different scenario,”  senior Skye Byrd said.

Despite both of the themes being decades, students are more excited to dress up for this year’s theme than last year’s. Out of 82 students surveyed, 21.7% said they were planning to dress in accordance with the disco theme and 16.9% said they dressed up for the “Roaring ‘20’s” theme.

“I’m excited because the theme gives me an opportunity to dress as outgoing as I want.” Beatty said. “… I’m still thinking about [what I’m going to wear]. I’m looking around for a good outfit, but I think I’m going to wear silver as my primary color.”

About the Contributor
Colleen Moore
Colleen Moore, Staff Writer
Colleen is a senior and first year journalism student. She is a design editor for the EHS Tiger yearbook and a member of Creative Writing Club. Outside of school, Colleen enjoys listening to music of all genres, constructing elaborate and silly PowerPoints, and playing sand volleyball. She’s planning to further her education outside of high school in Ohio to be closer to her grandma.