New Upgrades Taking Place at EHS


EHS student reads a magazine in class on March 2.

Kody Moore, Staff writer

With the passing of the district proposal by the community vote on April 4, plans are now underway for the expansion of the school building at EHS and the rest of the district. 

The proposed plan includes the construction of a new wing that will house multiple new classrooms, providing space for the growing student population. In addition, the existing cafeteria will also undergo expansion to accommodate more students during lunchtime.

The new classrooms will be located in the space currently occupied by the media center at the school, and this change has been met with mixed emotions from students and staff within the district.

“I’m thankful that I can be a part of the process,” Principal Dr. Steve Stuart said, “Even though I don’t make the decision about the upgrades at EHS the Superintendent and the Board of Education ask me a lot of questions about what EHS needs.”

The estimated cost of the project has yet to be determined, but the administration is currently seeking to receive funding from bonds from the community. The bonds will allow the school to complete the new construction without any spike in taxes from taxpayers.

Despite some mixed reactions from the community, the construction of the new classrooms will begin in the first week of May and is expected to last throughout the summer months. To help incoming students understand how high school operates, new classrooms will be created just for them.

“I want all freshmen to at least have four to six classes inside of the new area.” Stuart said, “This will help the freshmen  ease into our big school.”

These new classrooms will take away the process of freshmen traveling to the Nelson campus for three hours of the day. 

“This is really helpful,” freshman Chris Roberts said, “This year was difficult settling into high school and traveling to Nelson every day of school.”

To minimize any disruption to students during the construction process, the administration has made plans to move summer school to Liberty Middle School. This will ensure that students can continue their studies uninterrupted while the work is being done at EHS.

Overall, the expansion of the school building is a significant development for the district, and it is projected that it will provide a better learning environment for students and staff alike.