District 7 Departs from Costumes on Red Ribbon Week

Natalie Becker, Opinion editor

Before Halloween, EHS ends October with Red Ribbon Week; a dress-up week dedicated to drug abstinence. 

The last day of Red Ribbon Week had always been Costume Day, where students could wear their Halloween costumes and participate in a schoolwide costume contest.

This year will be the first where there will be no Costume Day. 

Missi Sanders, the adviser for the Edwardsville Peer Influence Club, the club that promotes Red Ribbon Week, said that the district is straying away from holidays and celebrating them in schools.

“I have no idea if this is forever or not,” Mrs. Sanders said. “I know I’ve had many students upset about this decision.”

Mrs. Sanders said that students enjoyed costume day and there was always great participation.

Principal Steve Stuart believes this to be an attempt at inclusivity at EHS.

“It’s the district’s goal to foster a more inclusive school by teaching about different cultures, not practicing certain traditions that favor or endorse one religion or faith over any other,” Dr. Stuart said.

This change will be happening in all school PreK-12 in District 7.

“I do imagine this lasting in the district, not just at EHS,” Dr. Stuart said.

According to Mrs. Sanders, she knows of one student who wrote to the superintendent about the change.

Despite having no official Costume Day, students are wearing their costumes they planned for Halloween, regardless of the rule.