Trump Refuses to Concede

Cassi Reaka, Editor-in-Chief

After four long days and nights of ballot counting and anxiety for members of both parties, CNN projected Joe Biden as the winner of the election after he secured his lead in Pennsylvania the morning of Nov. 7. They were followed shortly by NBC, CBS, ABC, AP and finally Fox News.

What followed was a day full of celebration or disappointment depending on who you supported. People flooded the streets all over the country and spent the day singing and celebrating Biden’s victory. 

President Donald Trump had spent the prior days calling fraud and pursuing law suits in multiple states. He announced Saturday on Twitter that he would be holding a press conference that  took place at Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia. Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, was speaking in a parking lot when the news was called, according to the New York Times. The president was golfing at his private golf club in Virginia, according to the Washington Post.

“I was very excited [when Biden won],” junior Grace Kalb said. “I think that this is a huge win for everyone in terms of equality; however, people need to keep speaking out for Black Lives Matter, gender equality, etc. Biden’s victory is a great step forward for “‘justice for all.’”

Although almost all news networks have declared Biden as the winner, Trump and his supporters have argued that the networks are not the ones who can call an official winner. 

Junior Ryan Cross feels that the race was called too early.

“I had mixed emotions about the election being called so soon,” Cross said. “The news channels shouldn’t be the ones to call an election and I think it shouldn’t have been called yet especially since there has been talk of voter fraud.” 

Trump has not only not yet conceded, but also not allowed president-elect Biden access to the daily briefings that president-elect’s use to help prepare themselves for office. According to CNN, the Trump administration has been hiring staff and preparing budgets for a second term.

The recounts are not expected to change the winner, although they are still happening. According to the Associated Press, in the 31 recounts that have happened in states since 2000, only three have changed an election.

Senior Kyle Smith still feels the recounts are justified however.

 “I think I expected the race to be close, but not as close as it ended up being,” Smith said. “And ultimately recounts had been asked for and are still happening. I don’t think it should be called until all counts and recounts are finalized.”