Edwardsville Area to Vote on Three House Races, One Senate Race

Daniel Garrison, Staff Writer

With the possibility of a new president, both Representative and Senate elections will be crucial on issues like health care and the Supreme Court. Southern Illinois is home to multiple congressional districts as well as a senate seat that is up for election on Nov. 3.

Republican Rodney Davis is running for reelection against Democrat Betsy Londrigan for the 15th Congressional District. Davis is leading by between 1% and 5% according to recent polls. Davis is running on repealing the Affordable Care Act and lowering federal taxes and business regulations.  Additionally, he wants to increase federal research on ALS syndrome.

Londrigan, who lost against Davis by 0.8% in 2018, promises to enact “red-flag gun laws,” as well as expand the Affordable Care Act to “move toward universal health care.” She is also campaigning on police reform including mandatory body cameras and the ban of chokeholds.

In the 12th Congressional District, Republican Mike Bost is also running for reelection against Democrat Raymond Lenzi. Bost promises to expand jobs by expanding America’s coal mining and oil drilling industry. Lenzi, on the other hand, claimed that the climate was “the number one issue” of his campaign. Lenzi has publicly supported the Green New Deal, a plan to make America carbon neutral by switching to entirely renewable energy as soon as 2050.

Lenzi is also campaigning on universal health care as well as banning the sale of military-style assault weapons. Additionally, he wants to abolish the electoral college. 

The contest between Bost and Lenzi has become somewhat hostile. In September, Bost refused to debate Lenzi and accused Lenzi of running a “smear campaign.”  Lenzi has accused Bost of “hiding from the voters.” On Oct. 11, Bost tested positive for COVID-19.

In the 15th district, Republican Mary Miller is running against Democrat Erika Weaver. The seat was previously held by Republican John Shimkus who is not seeking reelection.  Weaver wants to increase federal funding for public schools as well as expand bandwidth and healthcare in rural areas. Miller supports defunding Planned Parenthood and encouraging private healthcare options. She opposes further gun legislation and business regulations.

Senator Dick Durbin is also up for reelection. Durbin, who is currently the Senate Minority Whip, is running against four challengers, most notably Republican Mark Curran.  

Durbin serves on the Judiciary Committee that is currently hearing Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination.  On Oct. 19, all Democrats on the committee including Durbin boycotted the committee vote on her nomination due to claims that the rushed vote was unconstitutional and should be postponed until after the election.  Her nomination was upheld by the committee and will move on to a Senate vote. 

Durbin was one of the original supporters of the Affordable Care Act as well as the DREAM Act, a bill that gives residence to minors who immigrated to the U.S. 

Curran supports competition-based health care, a border wall, and school choice. Curran criticizes Durbin for being a “political establishment elite.” 

Durbin is projected to win reelection by a wide margin.