District 7’s K-5 Schedule Switches Garner Mixed Reviews From Older Siblings

Tyler Chrenka, Editor-in-Chief

In light of Madison County going back into the orange “warning” phase, the District 7 moved all K-5 students to the hybrid schedule for the week of Aug. 24. 

This change only affected grades K-5 because middle school and high school students had already been attending school through the hybrid schedule. 

An email sent out by the district on Aug. 20 revealed that K-5 students with last names A-L would attend school Monday and Wednesday and M-Z students would attend Tuesday and Thursday. The email further explained how the hybrid schedule would work.

“K-5 students will NOT be expected to be online during the two ‘off’ days during this one week of hybrid instruction,” the district said in the email. “Elementary teachers will provide assignments for the students to complete and bring back to school. Building principles will provide additional information by Wednesday, August 26th regarding the Friday, August 28th remote day.” 

The email concluded by assuring that the district was doing everything in its power to get K-5 back to five-day-a-week instruction. 

Five days later, the District released a new update. 

“Beginning on Monday, August 31st, all students in grades 6-12 will continue following the current hybrid schedule and K-5 students will return to attending in-person five days a week.”

Though the initial shift lasted only one week, it forced many to take on extra responsibilities. 

Senior Emma Malawy was responsible for helping both of her younger sisters with schoolwork. Despite taking on these new tasks, she was happy to have both sisters at home.

“I was excited when the district switched to hybrid because it meant my sisters would be home on the days I was home! I also felt bad when I got to stay home but they still had to go to school, so I was glad for the switch,” she said. “This switch didn’t cause too much stress because my dad works from home so he is flexible with watching my younger sisters. If anything, our schooling was more laid back.”

Junior Grace McGinness has three younger brothers and had to take care of them throughout the day. 

“When the new hybrid schedule was implemented at the elementary level, I had to help my younger brothers do homework, set up Zooms and help with anything else that came up during the day while my parents were at work,” McGinness said. “It’s definitely a relief [that the five day a week instruction is resuming] since this week didn’t go that well helping all three of them with homework while still trying to get my own done.”