Corona Virus Closes Doors for Students

Jack Pifer, Views Editor

The start of 2020 brought along many new things, including a new coronavirus originating from China.

According to WebMD, A coronavirus is a kind of common virus that causes an infection in your nose, sinuses or upper throat. While most are not deadly, some types, such as SARS, MERS and this new coronavirus are.

Coronaviruses are spread similarly to the cold and usually cause upper respiratory infection.

So far, the United States has seen 11 cases of the virus, with Illinois hosting two in Chicago.

The virus has had its effects around the world in more ways than just infecting others. The stock market has taken a hit as well as trade. Most notably, major cities in China are quarantined.

A slow call to action is partially to blame for the spread of the virus. Leaders in China suppressed the warnings of doctors and other professionals when the virus was discovered in December so as not to cause panic, the Post-Dispatch reported.

In response to the virus, the EHS trip to China in the spring has been canceled this year.

Senior Will Schueler, who has been a host family and traveled to China through EHS in the past, thinks that the EHS students that planned to go on the trip are truly missing out.

Schueler has traveled to China three times and describes it as an “enriching experience” as well as something he thinks everyone should participate in.

“A country is really more than the sum of its parts…” Schueler said. “You can understand what bread, beef and cheese are but never know what a hamburger tastes like.”

With a unique experience unavailable, the memories of the time exchange students spent here in America are the closest they may get to China this year.

The decision to cancel the trip was made first and foremost for the protection of the students.