Literary Magazine Gains Fresh Perspectives

Cassi Reaka, Student Life Editor

EHS is full of activities for all students with a variety of interests. Literary Magazine allows students with an interest in creating their own literature a chance to be published.

“The Literary Magazine staff encourages all students to exercise their creative writing skills and write,” according to the activities guide on the EHS website.

LitMag publishes student submitted work that they see worthy of publication.

“As of right now, we’re collecting submissions,” freshman Eman Rana said. “But essentially what we do is we take the creative scene of EHS, so poetry, photography, any form of visual art and things that fall into those categories, and we put them in a big magazine at the end of the year.”

There have been two submissions to the magazine this year, both poems. Rana’s favorite submission is a poem submitted by senior Ryan Stewart.

“I just liked his writing style,” Rana said. “I love seeing all of the submissions. It helps me see where other people are at and see how I can improve my writing.”

The club has three members: Rana, sophomore Rachel Piazza and freshman Emmy Larrew. The club sponsor is Lindsay Loesche.

Although the group is small, the size is typical for the club according to Ms. Loesche.

“We have a newer group,” Ms. Loesche said. “In years past it has been all seniors and so now we’ve got some fresh ideas to run with.”

The magazine will be published in a different way this year because the staff is using a new program to create it.

“My seniors were kind of set in their ways,” Ms. Loesche said.

Ms. Loesche has only sponsored LitMag for three years, but has enjoyed her experience so far.

Ms. Loesche said, “I love what they produce at the end of the year and seeing the physical copy of student work.”