EHS Art Student Showcases Talent at Local Art Show

Cassi Reaka, Student Life Editor

The Soulard Art Gallery held a student art show which showcased the art of of 40 students across the St. Louis area, one of whom was senior Ellie Viox.

This is the first year that this show has been held according to art teacher Kelly Spinka. In order to enter, students had to submit photos of their work online and only 67 entries were accepted.

Viox had three pieces chosen: “Tiny Dancer,” “Creaky Wheel” and “Faded Dreams.” “Tiny Dancer” won second in the show.

“Tiny Dancer”  was done using charcoal and chalk pastels and featured a ballerina in a red dress twirling a ribbon. According to Viox, the prompt for the piece was figure sketching and she decided to take pictures of her friends who are dancers to base it on.

“I had them do a bunch of different poses and that one just really spoke to me,” Viox said.

The image that inspired Viox was of senior Emma Vuagniaux, a member of the varsity dance team.

“When I went to the room she had me put my arms in the position seen in the piece and took photos from a couple different angles,” Vuagniaux said. “I love the colors and the style of painting she used and I think it turned out amazing.”

Viox said that she chose to use the color red because of its association with passion and dancing.

“I wanted the piece to be very dynamic,” Viox said.

When creating pieces, Viox said that she first sketches out the piece, then decides what medium she wants to use, sketches the final copy and then “just start[s] going at it.”

Members of Art Honors Society are required to participate in a contest outside of the ones that they participate in as a group according to Ms. Spinka, who helped Viox find the show.

Ms. Spinka said about Viox, “You couldn’t ask for better. She has time management, she gets all of her work done, she asks questions, she is involved in critiquing, she take suggestions. She’s very, very talented.”