Math Tutor Lab Adds Tuesday Mornings

Cassi Reaka, Life Editor

For those struggling with math, the math tutor lab offers a free tutoring opportunity. The lab is run by members of Mu Alpha Theta, the math honors society.

Mu Alpha Theta started at EHS just three years ago, according to Mollie Easley, EHS math teacher and director of the honors society.

Joey Lu, class of 2019, approached Mrs. Easley about starting a chapter during his junior year. After making sure that EHS met the requirements, Mrs. Easley gave him the green light.

“There was a lot of paperwork to be done upfront and I told him if he did all of that then we could go ahead and join,” Mrs. Easley said.

Although a math teacher is present during the tutoring labs to facilitate, Mu Alpha Theta members are the ones helping the students. Other duties of the honors society include hosting activities during pi week and helping out during parent-teacher conferences.

Senior and Mu Alpha Theta officer Ellie Viox said that she is looking forward to pi week this year, especially with the addition of a pie eating contest.

The goal of the honors society, according to Mrs. Easley, is to “spread math and help math students.” The tutor lab is one of the ways that the member fulfill this goal.

According to senior and officer Josh Harris, the tutor lab not only helps students who need extra help, but also gives upperclassmen the opportunity to develop teaching skills.

“We, Mu Alpha Theta, try to achieve this goal by giving upperclassmen in the honor society time to work in the tutoring lab and help fellow peers who ask for extra guidance,” Harris said.

Mrs. Easley also believes that it is beneficial for the members to be able to share their knowledge.

“Being able to answer questions for others helps you learn things better,” Mrs. Easley said. “It helps them solidify some foundational ideas as well as just being able to promote math in general.”

The lab is open on after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2-3, and is now also open on Tuesday mornings before school.

Although the lab used to be open on Mondays and Thursdays, these days were cut because of a lack of available teachers. Being open before school will allow students who are busy after school to take advantage of the extra help provided by the lab, according to Mrs. Easley.

“We’ve had several students that are involved in after school activities that have expressed that they are unable to go to tutoring because they have practices or whatever,” Mrs. Easley said. “We looked for an option to help those students out.”