Craft Fair to Stitch Together Eventful Weekend

Taylor Meek, Culture Editor

On the first floor of EHS, the halls are engulfed in an aura of creativity, culture, handmade trinkets and an array of passion stemming from the annual weekend event known as the EHS Craft Fair.

This year’s Craft Fair will be held on Saturday, Nov. 9 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday, November 10 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Local creative talent is called to the forefront and put on display for its work to be enjoyed and sold. The fair gives crafters an opportunity to showcase their work and not only assist themselves and their businesses, but also the EHS band. The deposit that vendors pay to obtain a space at the fair goes towards new equipment for the band students, such as uniforms and instruments.

Almost everyone wins.

Vendors can be both chosen and denied based off of the quality of the work. In this case, looks do matter. Those who are chosen, however, don’t have to pay commission, meaning that all of the proceeds from what they sell are theirs.

They cannot sell anything they wish as there are rules in place that they must adhere to in order to claim and maintain their section of the fair.

According to Craft Fair guidelines found on the EHS band website, all products must be about more than 50% handcrafted by the artist and food and beverages are not allowed to be sold alongside the previously approved products.

That weekend you should expect to see EHS art teacher Kristal Dickens, who is a crafter herself, perusing the fair.

Dickens can only describe the art fair in one word: “busy.”

Nevertheless, she enjoys attending each year because she sees returning faces and fresh ones.

“There are tons of vendors and there is always something different,” Mrs. Dickens said. “It’s fun to see what everyone is making.”