EHS Nintendo Club Indulges Fan Base

Sydney Hershberger, Staff Writer

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With many clubs spread about the school, some might find it hard to stand out among the crowd, however a new club has emerged, devoted to researching their heroes who’ve been with them since childhood. These heroes? Mario and Luigi.

Nintendo Club is a relatively new club, but it has wasted no time advertising and holding meetings. Sophomore Ethan Hershberger said that the club is mainly about discourse.

“What we do is analyze Nintendo titles and talk about them, about how they’re designed, what the design is meant to accomplish…” Hershberger said.

Hershberger added that he is more partial to talking about Super Smash Bros, but “we try to talk about something different every day  so there’s variety.”

President and junior Sam Msengi said he started the club after he saw so many people in his classes who have a similar interest in games and how they are made.

“Being in Programming in Java, I saw that a lot of people were interested in game making,” Msengi said. “So I figured what better way then to introduce a concept that everyone knew and expanding upon the game-making process.”

Hershberger confirmed that this is mostly what they talk about during the club. They talk about how the game was created and the thought behind the design.

“I like talking about what makes a game fun to play. Is the level design good? Are the characters fun to play? Is the concept unique and interesting? Is the game balanced well? Stuff like that,” Hershberger said.

While the club is on a steady route now, getting to this position was a bit of a process for Msengi

“I asked around to see if people were interested, and then I asked my friends to be my officers and we spoke to Dr. Cramsey about it.”

Less than a week later, their club was successfully advertised to the school.

He mentioned later that while the club is just starting, they have amassed a bigger audience than he would have expected. The club is working on fixing any problems it may have.

“It’s been a learning experience for all of us, I think,” Hershberger said.

“I really enjoy the brotherhood that nintendo fans have,” Msengi said, adding that this wouldn’t have been possible without that brotherhood.