New Media Center Rules Unpopular Among Students

Katelyn Harris, Staff Writer

The Media Center now requires students to have a pass any time they need to use it. The rule went into place on Sept. 23.

Media Secretary Stacey Schulte said the passes are now required because of the amount of students that were coming in for no reason.

“Kids were misusing the Media Center; there was [sic] like 75 kids here in the morning and 90 percent of them had nothing to do in here.”

This made it hard for Ms. Schulte, because she is the only adult in the media center during lunch and before school.

“You got one kid screaming and another kids needs an ID so you’re kind of torn between the two,” Ms. Schulte said.

Ms. Schulte made complaints to administration about this, hoping for a fair solution.

“Dr. Schlueter was the one who actually came up with the solution because I had complained because it was getting really bad in here.”

While this is understandable, many students are still expressing their concerns.

“I understand why it was put in place, but I’m not a fan. I rarely use the library, so I didn’t know about the rule until recently,” senior Ellie Paschall said.

“A couple of weeks ago I needed to get an issue sorted out there. I walked in, and was immediately yelled at for not having a pass. I apologized and left. I haven’t been there since,” Paschall said.

Junior Amal Rizvi said she thinks the new rule is frivolous. “It’s so meticulous and it isn’t necessary to have people get passes to go to the library,” Rizvi said. “No one genuinely wants to hang out in the library for fun.”

Another point that has been brought up by students is that you can get a pass from any teacher without a particular reason.

“I know kids who just ask a teacher they have never met for a pass. If kids really want to sneak around and get one they can,” junior Krysten Ruppert said.

Rizvi also said she knows that teachers are handing out passes for no reason.

“Most teachers are handing out passes without even asking for the purpose of going to the library,” Rizvi said. “So it’s basically just wasted paper and it defeats the purpose.”