New Club Podcasts Its Way onto the Scene

Katelyn Harris, Staff Writer

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EHS has acquired a new club: podcasting.

Eh English teacher Lauren Mudge, the club co-sponsor, said the club has been a “growing project.”

The idea came from The Digital Storytelling Project that Ms. Mudge did with her Honors World Literature students last year, Ms. Mudge said. They did this through “Conversation Toward a Brighter Future 2.0,” which is a collaboration with the IRIS Center at SIUE and Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities.

According to Ms. Mudge, the podcasting club is “a branch off” The Digital Storytelling Project.

“I’ve always been really interested in podcasts,” EHS English teacher and Podcasting Club co-sponsor Nicole Pontious said. Last year,  she even incorporated doing podcasts into her students’ classwork.

Mrs. Pontious liked the podcast idea so much that she got the grants to get materials to use for making podcasts. The glass office in the media center was also given to Mrs. Pontious to use as the studio.

Ms. Mudge and Mrs. Pontious said they have been working hard all summer to get a studio ready for podcasting. Mrs. Pontious said she reached out to Ms. Mudge because “she had the know how and I had the materials.”

While the club will be creating podcasts, Mrs. Pontious and Ms. Mudge said the studio is open to all students and faculty members.

Mrs. Pontious said anyone can sign up outside of the studio on the sheet at anytime to use it and she hopes that teachers will utilize the studio to do projects instead of only doing writing assignments.

Mrs. Pontious and Ms. Mudge said the students already involved are eager to start.

Senior Scottlynn Ballard and junior Jill Schollmeier are the club’s co-presidents.

Mrs. Pontious and Ms. Mudge said the club members already have many ideas.

“‘Wanna chat?’ is officially our slogan of sorts,” Schollmeier said. “The podcasts will be about sports, EHS drama, current events, and even stories of our own.”

Ballard said another topic the club members have thought about doing for a podcast is lesser known things about EHS.

Schollmeier said the first meeting will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 3.

“I’ve always wanted to be a part of a podcast — it’s a lot like radio in a way,” Ballard said. “And even more than that, it’s a great way to talk to people about things happening in the school.”