R. Kelly Emotional in Interview After Criminal Charges

Jessica Fosse, Life Editor

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Robert Kelly, known as R&B singer R. Kelly, returned to jail 24 hours after his initial release on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Chicago police arrested Kelly after hearing he had $161,000 of unpaid child support.

According to USA Today, an unknown person paid the child support to Kelly’s ex-wife.

But the past few incidents with the Chicago jail aren’t the only news Kelly is making. CBS’ Gayle King conducted an interview with Kelly on March 5, which was his first time speaking publicly since being arrested for the charges of sexual abuse.

The interview has been described as “explosive” and as Kelly “screams and cries claiming his innocence” by USA Today.

During the interview, Kelly got up from his seat to begin claiming his accusers are lying.

“Thirty years of my career and you try to kill me?” he said. “This isn’t about music; I’m trying to have a relationship with my kids, and I can’t do it.”

The scrutiny of his actions started over a decade ago, according to CBS News, but a documentary released by Lifetime, titled “Surviving R. Kelly,” featured multiple victims that spoke about their experiences and his alleged “sex cult.”

“The latest allegations against Kelly date back as far as 1998 and span more than a decade,” AP News said. “The singer, who was acquitted of child pornography charges in 2008, has denied wrongdoing and pleaded not guilty.”

Senior Erin Dowdy hears of the updates and has seen the skit Saturday Night Live did on the interview of Kelly and King.

“I think he should rot in jail, given everything that happened,” Dowdy said. “I don’t think someone gets accused that many times without there being some truth to it.”

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R. Kelly Emotional in Interview After Criminal Charges