Jason Henderson To Take Over As New Superintendent

Jaydi Swanson, Views Editor

With superintendent Dr. Lynda Andre’s retirement approaching, Jason Henderson was selected to be the new District 7 superintendent at a board meeting last week.

Dr. Andre has served as superintendent for four years, and many are thankful for the work she did, including EHS principal Dr. Dennis Cramsey.

“She was able to accomplish a lot of really positive things that have continued to move the district forward,” Dr. Cramsey said.

Mr. Henderson currently serves as the assistant superintendent for Triad Community Unit District 2. He will begin his new position on July 1, after Dr. Andre completes the 2018-2019 school year. Mr. Henderson said he is excited to continue the work Dr. Andre has started.

“She led the charge to pass Prop E, which was vital to the district’s future,” Mr. Henderson said. “Since that time, the district has begun to get back on a regular curriculum cycle and has recently adopted a new science curriculum. She has an extremely distinguished career in her years in District 7, and I am honored to follow her as superintendent.”

When he takes over, Mr. Henderson hopes to continue making positive changes.

“One specific area I am looking forward to helping the district move forward in is the area of using technology to help instruction become more engaging for students,” Mr. Henderson said. “I am also very interested in helping to increase Career and Technical Education opportunity for students in the district.”

Dr. Cramsey agreed that these were important areas to improve upon, and he is optimistic about Mr. Henderson’s future.

“He’s a very positive person,” Dr. Cramsey said. “Everybody that I’ve talked to has said positive things about him, so I’m excited about what he’ll be able to bring into our district.”

Mr. Henderson’s absence from District 2 will not go unnoticed, however, according to Triad High School assistant principal Joshua Ackerman, who will be sad to see Mr. Henderson leave.

He has been extremely helpful and supportive to our high school throughout his many roles,” Mr. Ackerman said. “He is always willing to help and can be counted on for a straight answer.”

Those many roles include math teacher, elementary school principal, high school assistant principal and assistant superintendent, which makes Mr. Ackerman feel confident in Mr. Henderson’s ability.

“I think Mr. Henderson will do a great job,” Mr. Ackerman said. “His calm, decisive demeanor makes him easy to work with.”  

Now, as Mr. Henderson takes on a new role, Dr. Cramsey expects the positive trend to continue in the district.

“The future is bright for District 7,” Dr. Cramsey said. “I think we’re well established in many areas…we can only continue to grow and get better at what we do so well already.”