EHS Students, ‘Neighbors’ Rally Behind Faculty Member

Loewy Noud, Staff Writer

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Stan Meeks has worked at EHS for more than 25 years. He can be seen in the halls monitoring students through passing period, distributing notes or regulating after school commotion. Now, a man who helps so many each day is receiving a gift from his community.

A GoFundMe created on Jan. 19 by Teri Maddox, Mr. Meeks neighbor, explained that Mr. Meeks has “never been able to afford a new vehicle and some of his used ones have turned out to be unreliable money pits.” Now his 2002 Ford Escape has broken down and left him without reliable transportation to EHS.

Mr. Meeks is known for his jazz keyboard performances at local nursing homes and private events along with EHS orchestra concerts.

Right now the musician and teacher is walking to catch a bus each day to get to work and two busses for other errands. But hopefully not for long.

“We noticed he was running a little late for work and thought it seemed out of the ordinary,” EHS faculty member Abby Federman said. “He does so much for our school.”

After only three days the GoFundMe has raised almost half of the $15,000 goal set to purchase a new vehicle. The donations have come from past, previous, and current students from EHS along with friends, community members and even some who just want to help.

“Sophomore year I sprained my ankle and I was parking in the complex as all the sophomores do. He would give me golf cart rides over so I didn’t have to walk it,” Senior Peyton Klauber said.

The response has been overwhelming to Mr. Meeks and his neighbors.

“As many of you know, Stan is an unassuming guy, and when told of the generosity and support that people have shown in the past two days, he was absolutely amazed,” Maddox said. “We appreciate not only the $100 and $200 gifts, but also the $5 and $10 ones.”

Ms. Federman said her daughter told her about the fundraiser and they were in the position to donate.

“We wanted to do what we could to help,” Federman said.

Mr. Meeks has decided that with the donations he would like to try to find a new or used car with low miles and a warranty. According to the gofundme he would like a car similar in size to his Ford Escape so he is able to transport his keyboard and his friend’s wheelchair.

“Mr. Meeks is always willing to help anyone around EHS,” Klauber said. “I felt donating was the least I could do to repay him for everything he’s done for us.”

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