‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Documentary Reveals Allegations

Ryan Stewart, Staff Writer

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R&B singer Robert Kelly, known as R. Kelly, has been in the news for sexual assault and rape allegations for over 20 years.

With every lawsuit against him failing, Kelly repeatedly claims his innocence.

“Kelly says the accusations ‘perpetuated by the media’ are an ‘attempt to distort my character and to destroy my legacy that I have worked so hard to build,”’ Independent Online reported.

Faith Rodgers, a woman who spent a year in a relationship with Kelly claims he forced her to take part in embarrassing sexual encounters in which he called her “nasty, degrading things.”

“A representative for the singer said in April (of last year) that he ‘categorically denies all claims and allegations’ in Ms Rodger’s lawsuit,” BBC news reported.

Kelly’s public relations team had this to say:

“R. Kelly has close friendships with a number of women who are strong, independent, happy, well cared for and free to come and go as they please.

We deny the many dark descriptions put forth by instigators and liars who have their own agenda for seeking profit and fame,” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

With the release of “Surviving R. Kelly,” a six part documentary detailing the predatory behavior multiple women have reported from Kelly, several investigations have been launched into the singer’s past and present.

These investigations range from news outlets to law enforcement and both have the intention to see this to the end—either with an acquittal or a sentence.

Cultural factors have also urged this investigation into Kelly, with the #MuteRKelly, #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements at the forefront.

The #MuteRKelly movement may be unfamiliar to some due to it’s recentness. As the name implies, the movement was started with the sole purpose of spreading awareness of the singer’s alleged misdeeds.

“Someone had to stand up for Black women, and if I wasn’t willing to do my part—no matter how small—then I couldn’t continue to complain. It’s time for us to end this man’s career. Enough is beyond enough,” Oronike Odeleye, the leader of the #MuteRKelly movement said.

In a video posted to social media Kelly addressed the movement, saying they were “too late” as he feels he’s deeply ingrained in our culture and music.

This, however, did little to quell the movement or its leaders.

“We will continue to disrupt, continue to demonstrate, continue to call him out, continue to raise awareness until hopefully one day soon, we can step in the name of justice at his trial,” Odeleye said.

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