Cohen Pleads Guilty, Lied in Investigation

Cierra Veizer, Sports Editor

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Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, pleaded guilty Thursday, Nov. 29 to lying to Congress.

According to the Washington Post, Cohen lied about a real estate project that President Trump and his company were pursuing in Moscow at the time he was securing a nomination to run for the presidency in 2016.

In 2017, Cohen told Congress that the plans to develop the tower had ended before the primaries in early 2016. The plea agreement showed that Cohen was pursuing plans for the Trump Tower Moscow project, while President Trump insisted that he had no business in Russia during the campaign, weeks after President Trump clinched the GOP nomination, according to ABC News.

President Trump has criticized the investigation.

“Against all odds, I decide to run for President & continue to run my business-very legal & very cool, talked about it on the campaign trail,” President Trump tweeted Nov. 30. “Lightly looked at doing a building somewhere in Russia. Put up zero money, zero guarantees and didn’t do the project. Witch Hunt!”

The Justice Department notified President Trump’s legal team last Wednesday about Cohen’s planned plea, although it is unclear when the President himself was notified. Thursday morning President Trump told reporters outside the White House that Cohen was “very weak,” according to CNN.

“He was convicted with a fairly long-term sentence with things unrelated to the Trump Organization,” President Trump told CNN. “What he’s trying to do is get a reduced sentence.”

Cohen was also charged with tax fraud and false statements to a bank. He is scheduled to be sentenced in both on Dec. 12, according to CNN.

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Cohen Pleads Guilty, Lied in Investigation