New Mattress Fundraiser to Support Band, Orchestra and Choir

Ryan Ash, Staff Writer

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The EHS band, choir, and orchestra programs will host their first annual mattress fundraiser on Sept. 22 in the commons.

The fundraiser will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will be selling a plethora of mattresses, including twin to California king.

Part of every purchase will benefit the performing arts programs, which will help to pay for student costs in upcoming trips.

“The band and orchestra are going to Chicago in May and the choir is going to New York in April,” orchestra director Victoria Voumard said. “With this fundraiser, each student has a chance to individually earn up to $500 to help pay for their trip”

With many other fundraisers selling more common items like shirts and food, some are unsure of how well the fundraiser will do.

“I think it’s definitely different from typical fundraisers, but I honestly don’t know how successful it’ll be considering mattresses don’t usually seem to be something in high demand,” senior orchestra member Katrina Agustin said.

Although some may find it unorthodox, this type of fundraiser has worked for other local schools.

“Last year O’Fallon Township High school did this fundraiser and it was very successful,” Voumard said. “Apparently it turns out a lot of people buy mattress and we just don’t even think about it.”

Other students within the performing arts programs also seem to think the fundraiser will perform well.

“I’d imagine that it would do well” senior band member Emilio Carrion said. “These seem like pretty decent deals and most of the other fundraisers we’ve had have worked well in the past”

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New Mattress Fundraiser to Support Band, Orchestra and Choir