After-Prom May Not Have Freedom, But at Least it’s Free

Joshua Perry, News Editor

Prom night is almost upon us, along with its often-ignored counterpart, After-Prom. However, this year is different.

This is the first year that After-Prom will be free for any student who wishes to attend. According to senior Morgan Swanner, a member of the After-Prom committee, this is an important change from previous years.

“We decided to make After-Prom free because we wanted to attract more students and make it convenient for everyone,” Swanner said. “We understand that students spend a lot of money on prom as it is.”

According to junior Maren McSparin, an After-Prom organizer, the event will feature food and fun, along with a scavenger hunt, video games, karaoke, dodgeball, basketball and various prize giveaways—including scholarships and parking passes. McSparin said that the event is a must-attend for students.

“You can hang out any night with your friends at their house,” McSparin said, “but there (are few opportunities) to hang out with your friends without your parents and get free food and prizes!”

The purpose of After-Prom, according to McSparin, is to keep students in a responsible environment after the evening gets in full swing.

“(It’s) a sure way to continue having a fantastic night while not having to worry about the safety of yourself or your friends,” she said.

Students can sign up for After-Prom wherever prom tickets are sold, even online. Anyone, even those who don’t plan on going to prom, is welcome to attend. It runs from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m., but students can leave starting at 12:30 a.m. with a note from a parent.

Some students consider After-Prom more appealing than the potential danger of teenage after-parties. Junior Emily Jones said that she plans on attending because she wants to enjoy her evening in a safe environment.

“I know a lot of parties are going to have drinking and stuff at them,” she said, “and I know that won’t happen at After-Prom, so I know there’s no chance of getting busted.”