Clay Club Commences at EHS

Molly Farrar, A&E Editor

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The art classes at EHS cover the gamut: sculpture, fibers, printmaking and more. However, not all students have the opportunity to utilize the art program, mostly because of a jam-packed schedule.


After taking art and design and ceramics as a follow-up class, junior Anna Farrar has found a way to open up art to all students: a new ceramics club. Clay club is an after school ceramics club and no experience is required. The posters around school advertised its flexible schedule for busy people, but it also helps kids get involved.


“Clay club was created to provide a way for kids to explore ceramics and hopefully encourage them to join the class,” Farrar said.


Flyers were posted around the school this week advertising an informational meeting on Nov. 14. However, sponsor Ms. Kristi Dickens was unable to attend due to an emergency surgery.


Vice President Morgan Rockwell is excited for the new experiences for students at EHS, even if it is postponed.


“The club lets the students learn more about ceramics,” she said. “There will be throwing pottery, hand building, and learning pottery techniques.”


These techniques require special equipment and some training. Sophomore Charlie Belobrajdic, a student without intense art training, would join to be exposed to new things.


“It would be fun to expand my experience with different artistic mediums,” Belobrajdic said. “It’s another club for students to interact with people with similar interests.”


Farrar is looking forward to having a group of students attend Clay Club for just working with clay, something that she feels is missing from our atmosphere.


“There isn’t just one type of art,” Farrar said. “Art club can only do so much, and this is another road kids can go down to explore their creativity.”


The first informational meeting for Clay Club will take place after Thanksgiving break.

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Clay Club Commences at EHS