Barbie Puts on a Hijab

Devin Johnson, Staff Writer

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Barbie, since her invention in 1959, has been all there is to be. She started out small, working solely as a schoolteacher and a veterinary nurse. But as the times progressed, Barbie developed into a modern role model for young girls.


As acceptance for women grew, Barbie was able to stand as a much more diverse example for the girls who she was targeted to entertain.


Over the years, she grew from schoolteacher to soccer player to doctor to astronaut. But there was one consistency that wasn’t addressed until 1980; Barbie had always been white.


Of course this issue wasn’t brought up for so many years due to prejudice that was so deeply rooted in our culture that it was simply brushed over. Barbie is after all, a doll, and representation wasn’t acknowledged too seriously until 1980, when “Christie,” the first black barbie, was introduced.


As of late, Mattel, (the company which produces Barbie) has crossed another frontier to make Barbie that much more inclusive. They’ve most recently given Barbie a hijab.


Sporting an article of clothing commonly seen within the Muslim religion offers more diversity to one of America’s most popular and beloved toys.


However, this was not the positive reaction of all Americans.


There were several tweets made by Muslim hate groups who were against the doll being sold in public stores.


The creator of the doll, Ibtihaj Muhammad, responded only with positivity to these hateful words towards her doll.


“I’m proud to know that little girls everywhere can now play with a Barbie who chooses to wear hijab!” tweeted Muhammad. “This is a childhood dream come true.”

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Barbie Puts on a Hijab