Lil Yachty Switches it up with New Album


Courtesy of AP

Lil Yacthy smiling on day one of Toronto Film’s Festival on Sept. 8, 2022

Kody Moore, Staff writer

Lil Yachty’s most recent album, Let’s Start Here, is a dynamic and genre-defying work that demonstrates his musical talent and range. 

Lil Yachty experiments with many musical genres and sounds throughout the album, alternative rock were the main focus to provide a distinctive and captivating listening experience.

The energizing and upbeat “the BLACK seminole” introduces the album and establishes the mood for the remainder of the work. Lil Yachty delivers a memorable song and lyrics over a catchy track in full effect with his charming and fun style. 

Lil Yachty taps into his reflective side on songs like “pRETTy” and “IVE OFFICIALLY LOST ViSiON!!!!,” delivering emotionally driven rock music that showcases a more sensitive side of the rapper. These songs’ ambient, minimal production highlights Lil Yachty’s vocals.

Diana Gordon’s vocals on the album are one of my favorites. Prior to hearing the album, I had never heard of her, but I will definitely check out some of her work in the future. Several songs on the album stand out because of her soothing, mellow voice.

The production variety of Let’s Start Here, which ranges from trap-influenced bangers to melancholy and introspective tunes, is one of the album’s most notable aspects. Another strength of Lil Yachty’s music is the way he sings; on the album, he tries out various vocal harmonies and inflections. 

Lil Yachty’s ability to skillfully meld several genres is evidence of his musical prowess. “Let’s Start Here” features various styles and sounds that make for an exciting and unusual listening experience.

In my opinion, this album is already a front-runner for album of the year. This album received my official 9.8 out of 10 ratings. Nothing bad could be said about the entire record.

In conclusion, Lil Yachty’s album Let’s Start Here is a solid effort that demonstrates the musician’s range and skill. From high-tempo bass to introspective rock, the album is a dynamic and genre-defying mix of songs that will leave a lasting impression on listeners.

Fans of  music should definitely give Let’s Start Here a listen because of Lil Yachty’s distinctive style and innovative approach to music, which make him one of the most intriguing artists in the industry