DJ Khaled’s 13th Studio Album God Did: Album Review


photo courtesy of AP images

Dj Khaled smiles at camera at MTV Music Awards on August 28

Kody Moore, Staff writer

From upcoming rapper, Nardo Wick to legends like Jadakiss, the album, has a total of 35 different features from rappers and R&B singers. DJ Khaled’s 13th album God Did provides many different styles and eras of rap. 

One of the first songs of the album includes many superstars like Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, and John Legend. This song bought the listener back to a phase of rap that many people haven’t heard in a decade. This song also gave us a rare Jay-Z verse that lasted over 5 minutes. 

“It feels like an all-star game on when these albums come out,” Jay-Z said, “everybody wants to be on it.”

Meanwhile, Jay-Z had a huge influence on the album. “I am the biggest JAY-Z fan, and I actually let him pick my album cover,” DJ Khaled said. “I always give him like two cover options and see which one he would pick, and I did it again on this album,”

Right after “GOD DID,” Khaled delivers us another song with two other legends in “USE THIS GOSPEL”. Ye and Eminem are featured on a gospel beat.

“USE THIS GOSPEL” was a song from Kanye’s 2019 album JESUS IS KING. The remix to the song was planned to be on a sequel to this album, which was scrapped later on. Kanye did reveal the existence of the remix in 2020 but was never officially released until DJ Khaled got his hand on it. 

After great songs like “BIG TIME” and “KEEP GOING.” My favorite song on the album is “PARTY” by Quavo and Takeoff. It is a classic Migos tape with a special Dj Khaled-produced beat.

Next comes “IT AIN’T SAFE” featuring Nardo Wick and Kodak Black, fan favorites combine to represent their hometown. Wick coming out of Memphis is starting a new Memphis wave. Black has been on a hot streak since dropping “Super Gremlin” last fall. It was great for Dj Khaled to represent the future of rap in this game.

After “IT AIN’T SAFE” comes “LET’S PRAY” with features from Don Toliver and Travis Scott combine to make the song flow smoothly. Even though Toliver and Scott make songs with each other, I can see a joint album with them in the future.

Finally, DJ Khaled showed respect to the late Juice Wrld in the song “JUICE WRLD DID”. The song is led by Juice Wrld’s beautiful voice, and rapping leads the chorus with DJ Khaled.

This album is different from other DJ Khaled albums, it has a lot of replay value. This album is on pace to sell 105k according to internet influencer DJ Akademiks. This album is a solid 8 out of 10.