Small Artist’s Song Peaks in Ukraine


Photo Courtesy AP Images

Rachel Piazza, Staff Writer

Producer UNSECRET has always tried their best to remain cloaked in mystery. Since UNSECRET’s first release in 2016, they have refused to disclose their identity. UNSECRET’s genre has remained equally ambiguous, with releases including everything from hip-hop to classical adaptations of pop songs to, most notably, cinematic music.

Their songs have been featured in several movies, video game trailers and TV shows, some of the most notable placements including Love Island, Station 19, Lucifer and How to Get Away With Murder.

With UNSECRET’s following consisting of a humble 900,000 listeners on Spotify, the last thing the artist expected was that their next placement would not be in a show but in a video produced by the Ukrainian ground forces.

The song of choice, “No Mercy”, was a part of UNSECRET’s 2018 EP, “Visions”. The alternative song, consisting of a haunting vocal melody countered by jarringly powerful bass, charted #27 in Ukraine the day after the video was released. 

“[I’m] honored to have ‘No Mercy’ in the Ukrainian military forces video, that in a day, has become the peoples’ anthem,” UNSECRET wrote on Instagram. 

The video features about one minute and 30 seconds of “No Mercy”,  a snippet of a speech by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and a snippet of a speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin, featuring a flash of Hitler’s face placed on his body. 

A copy of the video can be found on the youtube channel of Ukrainian channel 24, titled, “No mercy! We will defend ourselves!”

Overall, UNSECRET is happy to see their music able to bring faith to the Ukrainian people. “For this song to be in the position to give an entire country hope in the middle of war, to say I’m honored is an understatement.”