Binge Worthy Shows to Watch While Social Distancing

Sarah Fidahussain, Student Life Editor

For practically all of us, quarantine has become synonymous with sitting around and binge-watching random shows. After carefully curating a diverse selection of shows, I can confidently say that these will leave you with plenty of feelings you did not have before.

“Superstore” is a sitcom about the tales of work hijinks and the stories of ordinary retail employees. The show includes stars America Ferrara and Ben Feldman.

“Superstore” is the underdog of “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” family. It is impossible not to fall in love with the diverse and realistic characters. This can be found on Hulu.

Completely opposite of a sitcom like “Superstore,” “Extracurricular” is a Korean Netflix thriller drama that tells the story of teenager Oh Jisoo, whose only source of money is an under-the-table job, which drags him in a complete mess of problems. 

This 10-episode roller coaster will leave you mind-boggled, and that is putting it mildly. It is such a gripping show you will be hooked in 10 minutes. The show accurately depicts how a capitalistic society can work against so many people who just want to live a normal life. The perfectly flawed characters and jaw-dropping acting create a show that is so real, you will continue thinking about the show days after.

While “Extracurricular” talks of unspoken problems faced in our society, “Never Have I Ever” is much more relatable to a broad audience. As someone who is a first-generation Pakistani-American, “Never Have I Ever” is a coming of age show, starring Maitreyi Ramikrishnan, that accurately shows the struggles that come with being a first-generation American.

While on the surface it sounds like a typical show of a high school nerd falling for the popular jock, the show goes further. It shows how grief can play out in mysterious ways, making the main character put all of her focus on catching the attention of the most popular boy at school instead of her dad’s death. 

Going down the reality show road, “Car Masters Rust to Riches” is a reality show that I did not expect to love as much just by first glance. 

It goes through the process of trading and reselling custom cars from Gotham Garage. Even as someone who is not a huge car person, the show will leave you wanting to work the rest of your life customizing cars with the crew.

The list would not be complete without an animated series. “Avatar: the Last Airbender” is an animated show that displays the effects of war on civilization in a way I have never seen. Because I grew up with this show, I could not not include it because everyone will find this show warm, heartfelt, and unique. If that doesn’t say much, “Avatar” and “All American” are the only non-Netflix shows that are on Netflix”s all time Top Ten, according to Forbes. 

Including some of these in your watch list will definitely not be a mistake.