Tiger King Brings Absurdity, Entertainment to Quarantine

Cassi Reaka, Life Editor

“Tiger King” is the most wild thing that I have ever watched, and probably will ever watch. It is packed to the brim with twists and just unbelievable things the whole way through that makes it extremely difficult to not binge watch all seven episodes in one sitting. But the craziest part about the show? It’s all real.

It is revealed in the first episode that the filmmakers did not originally set out to make a documentary about the world of big cats. They stumbled upon the story when making a documentary about snakes, and a man with a tiger in the back of his van came to purchase one.

While owning tigers, lions and bears is crazy on its own, the insanity of zoo owner Joe Exotic doesn’t stop there. The series includes everything from polygamy to murder for hire and everything in between. The way that the director chose to reveal everything that happens is genius.

They give just enough information to keep viewers fully intrigued, but then hit them with an even more shocking occurrence in the next episode. 

Everyone involved in the documentary has such a unique lifestyle and view of life.You have Doc Antle who basically runs a cult and calls it a zoo, Carole Baskin who may or may not have killed her missing first husband, Jeff Lowe who is a convicted felon for, among other things, strangling his ex-wife and many other eccentric personalities. The people make the show. If even half of the people had more traditional ethics, it would not be near as entertaining to watch.

It does a good job of showcasing the ridiculous, while adjusting the tone of the show when more serious events happened. Although some of these scenarios could have been handled better, such as Baskin and the disappearance of her first husband.

While I fully believe that Baskin killed her husband and fed him to her tigers, the makers of the docuseries did prevent a lot of evidence on one side of the mystery. Even if this was their findings, it led to a lot of accusations towards Baskin on Twitter and other social media platforms.  All of the attention has led the sheriff to reopen the case, according to the Times.

The show is a must watch though. Everything that happens is just so far off from the realm of any normal person. It is probably the most entertaining thing that really happened that you will ever watch.