‘You’ Astonishes and Captivates

Jessica Fosse, Life Editor

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Netflix continues to expand its library, and one of its many new additions has viewers mesmerized by a complete maniac.

“You” is a psychological thriller that makes you question: What would you do for love?

Penn Badgley, from “Gossip Girl” plays Joe Goldberg, a New York City bookstore-keeper who falls in love at first sight with aspiring-writer Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail). But then, what appears as a simple infatuation becomes an obsession.

“You” is narrated Joe’s perspective of stalking Beck. Each episode he watches and questions her actions, friends and lifestyle. She works too hard trying to please her creepy professor or rich friends or careless father.

And Joe is right there in the shadows following her through her life and fixing Beck’s life in shocking ways, all without her finding out.

This Netflix Original series originated as a show on Lifetime and the first episode premiered on Sept. 9, 2018. With less than a million views per episode, Lifetime denied its second season. But in early December, Netflix began streaming it according to The New York Times.

What caused the popularity? Was it the unique plot? Or the unpredictability that causes you to keep watching? Or is it simply to stare at Penn Badgley?

Now it’s receiving 40 million views on all 10 episodes because Netflix picked it up, said The New York Times.

It was never a bad show with a try-hard plot or straight-out-of-acting-school actors; it was on the wrong platform.

“You” shows the dangers of being with someone you don’t entirely know and of not having curtains over your first-floor apartment windows, and all while not over-doing Joe’s disturbing inner thoughts.

Twitter quickly began thirsting over Badgley all over again (like when he was in “Gossip Girl”) but not for him but his character. And over and over again Badgley reminds followers that Joe is a stalker.

Overall, “You” is easily binge-able and has many great aspects that’ll make you excited for its second season.

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