Khalid Impresses on New EP with Vocals

Loewy Noud, Staff Writer

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Suncity, Khalid’s latest EP, dropped Friday and the more I listen, the more I am able to grasp exactly why his music is loved by so many. It is just so good.

Khalid, known for his rhythm and blues-style melodies, has been climbing to success since his single “Location” went big circa summer 2016. His singles have been exposed to all crowds of people through radio play, but his young age and relatable lyrics have made him especially loved by a young demographic.

Suncity will be no exception as it’s filled with catchy melodies and impressive vocals, but really, I would expect nothing less.

“Saturday Nights” is my favorite song on the EP. The song does an excellent job of highlighting the smoothness of Khalid’s voice while still providing a catchy beat that will be perfect for driving in the car and singing with your friends.

“Better” and “Suncity”, my runner ups to “Saturday Nights”, also allow Khalid to showcase his voice, and even Empress Of’s, the other artist in “Better.”

Although short, as an EP should be, Suncity serves as almost a natural conclusion to the summer season of music, as it incorporates slower melodies with the hallmark Khalid sound. Overall the album does a great job of remaining true to style, but still unique enough to appease long-time fans and gain new.

As a long-time fan, my only complaint would be of the addition of “8.13” and “Salem’s Interlude.” Although they may be seen as a crucial part of the EP, they don’t really serve a purpose for me as Khalid’s vocals are his strongest suit, and they include no vocals.

Despite these two tracks, Khalid will continue to have listeners enjoying the best parts of young adulthood: Saturday nights, dance parties and the very best music.

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Khalid Impresses on New EP with Vocals