Sierra Burgess is Definitely a Loser

Jessica Fosse, Life Editor

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“Sierra Burgess is a Loser” moved into Netflix’s original library on Friday soon after the chick flick “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.” Though given its own spotlight, the movie has more weaknesses than strengths compared to Netflix’s other romances.

Sierra Burgess is an overweight high school senior whose phone number somehow ends up being given to football jock Jamey. When Jamey flirts with the very popular and beauty-standard cheerleader Veronica, Sierra’s bully, she has no interest in him and gives out Sierra’s number instead.

For the first time in her life, Sierra has a boy interested in her but Jamey believes it Veronica. So she goes along with it. And to make it more believable, Sierra trades study hours for Veronica to be in video calls and to go on dates with Jamey.

She isn’t a “loser” —but she is a catfish.

The fear of him losing interest keeps Sierra from being honest. But how could a relationship begin from a lie that big?

That problem was never addressed in anyone’s mind.

Her thinking is short term and flawed, but her best friend Dan is the level-headed character of the movie. He constantly pointed out the idiocrasy of her endeavors, trying to develop her morals, yet nothing he said could change her mind.

As the movie went on, Sierra became less and less likeable. When Veronica began being friends with Sierra, she invited Sierra to parties and even stuck up for Sierra to her other friends. But Sierra embarrassed Veronica by posting to her 20,000 followers about her recent break up.

The character development was given to Veronica, but Sierra was in need of a change. She lied and betrayed a friend.

The very expected ending is not uplifting nor does it make sense; it felt like a happy ending was the only thing that could have happened though she was undeserving of it.

“Sierra Burgess is a Loser” is a love story with no other components that make watching it worthwhile. The movie was a good attempt at revealing teenage insecurity about weight, but self-centered actions stuck out more.

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Sierra Burgess is Definitely a Loser