‘Hamilton’ Bouces into St. Louis

Jessica Fosse, Staff Writer

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Winning the huge million dollar lottery seems like a huge success, but winning a $10 ticket to see “Hamilton” at the Fabulous Fox Theatre is huge success to a theater fan.


Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton” is showing in St. Louis until April 22 and the tickets are selling fast. Junior Abby Nahlik won one of those lucky tickets thanks to her dad for entering the contest every day. The digital lottery was a promotional event for the show.


“It was incredible (to win). The tickets were in the very front row and those normally go for hundreds of dollars,” Nahlik said. “Plus the seats were so close I could see them blinking.”


“Hamilton” is a rap and R&B musical about historical American events. Being a so-called “theater nerd” herself, Nahlik was in awe with it all.


“The set was top notch. The lighting was also synced up with the music so they could make gunshot effects and everything,” Nahlik said.


The Fabulous Fox Theatre is loved by the students who have gotten the chance to see a show there. Senior Myles Daugherty saw “The Color Purple” there before having seen “Hamilton.”


“I think it sort of made the performance more of a local event,” Daugherty said. “It’s this insanely successful show, even in other countries, and I got to see it in a theater less than an hour away from my house. It also made the experience feel more real.”


“Hamilton” played through Chicago during spring break before making its way to St. Louis.


Junior Maya Noonan got to see in in Chicago before seeing it at The Fox


“The Fox Hamilton was an understudy so he wasn’t as strong as the Chicago Hamilton. The Aaron Burrs were very different but amazing. The leading ladies were great all around, not a single one was weak,” Noonan said.

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‘Hamilton’ Bouces into St. Louis