‘The Greatest Showman’ Provides Light in a Dark Box Office

Ava Fehrmann, Staff Writer

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As you first take your seat in the theater, you are transported back in time using classic black and white movie openings.  This scene doesn’t last long, however, because after they end the viewers immediately enter a world of bright color and song.

“The Greatest Showman” follows the life of P.T. Barnum, the founder of the first American circus as he struggles with greed, his wife’s disapproving parents and angry mobs who believe his show is a hoax.

P.T. Barnum is brought to life on screen by Hugh Jackman, who received a Golden Globe nomination for his performance.  Acting alongside Jackman are stars like Zac Efron, who plays a young and rich man named Philip who risks his earnings to take part in the circus and Zendaya, who plays a trapeze artist named Ann Wheeler.

The film’s plot keeps the story moving, making sure that there are no spots where viewers can become bored.  The use of bright and vibrant colors throughout the sets, costumes and hair also provides an upbeat feel to the movie.

However, there are some flaws with the film’s movie magic.  During Efron and Zendaya’s duet “Rewrite the Stars,” Zendaya flies throughout the room practicing her trapeze skills and as she circles around it’s easy to tell that CGI was used.

Alongside the CGI mishap, there are the occasional cheesy moments throughout the screenplay that take away from what could have been an outstanding script.

While the movie is a good watch for those looking for an escape from the darkness of current films, the overall plot and screenplay don’t compare to the score and soundtrack of the film.

Bringing new and powerful voices to the big screen, such as Loren Allred and Keala Settle.  Allred, although not technically being seen on screen, sings the song “Never Enough” for actress Rebecca Ferguson, and gives an outstanding performance that shows off her strong vocal abilities.

Efron and Zendaya do a stunning job during their duet “Rewrite the Stars” as they profess their love for one another.  Both actors, having sang before for Disney channel, show a new and mature side to their vocal abilities.

Despite the few flaws, the movie was worth the watch.  It’s a film that multiple age groups can enjoy and use to learn about the history of the circus while also discovering fantastic new musical artists.

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‘The Greatest Showman’ Provides Light in a Dark Box Office