‘PARTYMOBILE’ Reaches Mediocre Expectations

Taylor Meek, A&E Editor

PARTYNEXTDOOR’s album “PARTYMOBILE” has failed to help lift the stress of life in quarantine, but with Rihanna being featured, we just might be able to cope. 

Elle Magazine reported that Twitter is overwhelmed by Rihanna’s sudden return to the music.

“Rihanna hasn’t had an album since 2016’s “Anti,” Elle Magazine writer Hilary Weaver said. “On Friday at midnight, Rihanna appeared in her first musical feature in three years…”

While she built up a great foundation in the makeup and lingerie industry, we’ve been impatiently waiting for her return.

We were quickly let down.

Rihanna makes an appearance in PARTYNEXTDOOR’s song “BELIEVE IT,” which is definitely not her best song. Her soothing vocals are clouded by obnoxious autotune and lyrics that aren’t saying much of anything.

PARTYNEXTDOOR’s most popular songs are typically about being in a toxic, sad relationship that is going nowhere, and that seems to be the case for this album as well.

I have always appreciated his unique sound and a select few, and I mean few, songs, but that’s all that draws listeners in. His lyrics lack range and substance and have left his fans craving lyrics that are just as unique as his voice.

The OVO-signed artist keeps his fanbase partly because when he releases an album, Drake always appears and vice versa. The two OVO artists are sort of a package deal. When you want one, you get the other as well. Their collaborations usually make both of their music better when their different sounds are combined to produce a more soothing one. 

If you just need a cliche love song with more talking than singing, but a nice beat, you can always count on PARTYNEXTDOOR.