EHS Thirst Project Hosts Disney Trivia Night


Photo courtesy of AP Images

Rachel Piazza, Staff Writer

The pressure was on: 70 people from elementary schoolers to adults sat at 13 tables hurriedly whispering answers among themselves about Disney topics, from voice actors to lyrics to Star Wars planets.

The trivia night, run by EHS Thirst Project, was concluded when a team named after the comical Mulan line “Dishonor on your cow” took the win. 

“The whole evening was full of fun and energy,” senior Riley Reed said. “Participants took all opportunities to get involved… [during the finish the lyrics section] all of the parents and kids would sing along.” 

Not only were all of the participants able to enjoy themselves and engage in friendly competition, but they allowed Thirst Project to raise $3,344, achieving well above the $2,000 goal, according to senior Josh Stout. 

“ I am very pleased with the outcome of the trivia night,” Stout said. “I was surprised at the amount of people we had and was shocked when I saw we raised over a thousand more than our goal…”

EHS Thirst Project is a part of the larger Thirst Project organization, a group founded in 2008 that has clubs in high schools and colleges across the country. The Disney trivia night is one of many events EHS Thirst Project uses to raise money.

Water Week is coming up next, from  April 4 to April 8. It will include a schoolwide raffle, dodgeball tournament, Luau and movie night, to name a few. 

“We will have different events and ways to donate through the week such as T-Shirt sales, a ‘walk for water’ and a Shop to Donate at a local business,” Reed said.