Film Society Gushes About Everything Movies

Sarah Fidahussain, Student Life Editor

Cinema might have been the one thing that thrived in the pandemic. With more time for movies, Film Society has come out of quarantine with film favorites and different insights on movies.

Club sponsor Cara Lane picks the movie and the club used to watch one movie a month but is watching four movies in April to “make up for lost time” according to senior and Film Society President Jonah Deem.

Deem appreciates the versatility of film.

“There is no one right way to make a film, and each one is as unique as a fingerprint,” Deem said. “No matter what mood I’m in or where I am, there is always a film I can dive into, either one to just enjoy, or one to leave me with a lasting impression. There is so much about film that is ever expanding, and there is always something more out there.”

Freshman Maria Linden agrees that no two films are identical. She uses films as a source of relief.

“I think different films mean different things to me. I might watch films for nostalgia, to have fun, or to feel/think about things,” Linden said. “Movies feel very comforting to me, and whether the movie is ‘for kids’ or very philosophical, I feel very comfortable when I watch them.”

In today’s world where every news event feels film-worthy, Deem believes the film “Network” best mimics the era we live in today. 

The film is about an anchorman who threatens to commit suicide because of low ratings, causing his ratings to increase dramatically. He is given a new show that is filled with all sorts of crazy propaganda to entice more viewers, abandoning all journalistic principles.

“Watching ‘Network’ in 2021 is a strange experience. The film’s 40th anniversary in November 2016 launched a thousand think pieces, each noting its eerie foresight into our divided media and political landscape,” Deem said.

Movie recommendations vary from member to member. For Linden, it is “Princess Bride.”

“It is very fun and has many aspects of many movie genres like fantasy, romance, comedy, and action,” Linden said.

Sophomore William Dorsey’s favorite film since going remote is not one film rather it is a series called “Autodale” on YouTube.

“The world building through subtle hints and clues always let my imagination make its own answers, and the character design was phenomenal,” Dorsey said.

For movie lovers, quarantine has only helped amplify the love of film.

“I have had an abundance of free time to explore different types of film and their meaning,” Deem said. “This year especially, movies have been a great escape where I can always watch something to enjoy and love in this painful year.”