Due Date Chaos Creates Opinions Among Students, Teachers

Sarah Fidahussain, Student Life Editor

The phrase “we had homework?” is being used all too often by students this year.

In combination with physically attending school only twice a week and the multiple platforms teachers use, students are having a difficult time keeping track of due dates and assignments in general.

Senior Paola Arana posted a poll on her story for her Instagram followers asking if anyone else was also feeling extreme stress about missing assignments and unknown due dates and the numbers show she is not alone.

With 85 percent saying yes in a poll of at least 40 people, it is clear that students are having trouble keeping up with the new system.

“Personally I’ve found that most of my classes are very disorganized when it comes to due dates and test days,” Arana said. “As much as I try to stay on top of things, I always seem to leave out something or miss a last-minute update from a teacher.”

While Arana is aware that this is a difficult time for everyone, she believes some teachers are making things unnecessarily harder.

“It’s really difficult [to stay on track] when teachers assign so many things and don’t make due dates clear or consistent,” she said.

Some students feel that the chaos of unknown assignments and deadlines leaves them feeling too dependent on themselves to keep up with the workload.

“It gets a little frustrating because having a hybrid schedule really makes it all up to yourself to do all the work needed to be done at a certain time and can confuse and overwhelm you,” freshman Olivia Kolnsberg says.

Schoology is not always a student’s best friend according to sophomore Ammar Bahrainwala.

According to Bahrainwala, some teachers’ inability to utilize Schoology well creates a scattered schedule and hard-to-find Zoom links and due dates.

He is not the only student having difficulties with Schoology.

“Some of my teachers put my grades and assignments on Schoology, while others don’t,” senior Eileen Pan said. “There are also technical difficulties that occur and make everything much harder to do.”

However, not all teachers are Schoology newbies.

Biology teacher Julia Doll is no stranger to Schoology and has a system for her students to limit due date confusion.

“I put all of my lesson plans on the Schoology calendar,” Doll said. “I also link assignments on the calendar as well, so all of my due dates are on the calendar for the entire unit.”

While Doll agrees that using Schoology full-time can be a daunting task, she thinks it is not always the teachers who should be put to blame.

“As always, one of the problems I see from a teacher’s point of view is that my students don’t always check the calendar or look ahead,” Doll said. “There should not be an ‘I didn’t know’ excuse in my classroom.”